Case Studies

St Luke’s Grammar School

Hear from St Luke’s Grammar School’s business manager on how a document management system:

  • Reduce time spent on finding student files from days to minutes
  • Meet compliance needs
  • Consolidate all files into one system.


Watch a paper intensive organisation seemlessly transform into a digital business.

Essenital [Solutions] has provided us with a cost-effective solution to our document management problems


Explore how Essential Solutions helped the Community and Public Sector Union to:

  • Gain access to information at “a click of a button”
  • Reduce the number of storage sites
  • Streamline their business

Meridan: An Anglican School for Girls

Schools face an ever-growing challenge to comply with the demands of storing records in a safe and accessible way while being conscious of the space needed to physically store those records. This issue has become even more pressing as schools in NSW are now required to save student records permanently.

When confronted with limited space and the need to store records, it is clear that scanning those records is the best alternative. But this is labour-intensive and ties up school staff who have to do that scanning, preventing them from doing other tasks.

Meriden looked for an effective solution for this problem, deciding to use a professional organisation to do the scanning for us. David Harrison’s company, Essential Solutions, came to us recommended by AHISA, and proved to be a great solution. The company is easy to work with, very receptive to questions or issues, providing a reliable and easily accessible student record.

In terms of security, items are stored after they have been scanned until the school gives permission for them to be securely destroyed.

All files are scanned into searchable pdf format, which makes it very easy to locate any student’s file, or to use wider search terms to find other information. The quality of the scanning is excellent, and the files are able to be reprinted easily.

David Harrison is willing to work within the confines of the school’s budget or other requirements. In Meriden’s case, we have a plan to slowly process all our records so that eventually they will all be scanned, but this will be done in a financially manageable way.

David also maintains a connection with you as a customer, making sure that you are happy with the service that his company supplies. I am very happy that we selected Essential Solutions.

Mrs Elizabeth Stevens